N e w Rental Program For M a g n a v o x Equipment O f f e r s W i d e Selection

The Magnavox Advanced Products & Systems Company recently announced the creation of a new program for worldwide rentals of its navigation, communication and survey products.

NAV-COM Incorporated—a Magnavox subsidiary—has been named rental agent for the program. NAV-COM is offering a wide selection of flexible, cost-effective rental and lease-buy agreements with many features not normally found in marine leasing plans, according to Gerald A. Gutman, company president.

"Our program offers customers a cost-effective way to take advantage of the latest developments in marine electronics technology," said Mr. Gutman. "In particular, this represents an attractive opportunity to evaluate the new line of Magnavox GPS products without tying up large sums in initial capital investment." Rentals are available worldwide through Magnavox agents and dealers, on a daily, monthly or yearly basis. Products available include Transit satellite navigation receivers, GPS receivers, satellite communications systems, Busiship computer systems, GRiD portable computers and related items.

Full warranty service for rented equipment is provided through the extensive Magnavox network of agents and dealers worldwide. NAV-COM Incorporated is a leading U.S. marine electronics firm located in Deer Park, N.Y. The company has wide experience in integrating advanced shipboard and land-based communications and information systems. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Magnavox Government and Industrial Electronics Company.

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